Ted Leo

We went to see Ted Leo last night at the El Rey, He was amazing! They played for about a hour and a half and finished with a Stiff Little Fingers cover. The Show was pretty packed, He is playing tonight but the show is sold out. I definatly need to get some sleep. We are going out tonight but I need to make it a early night, We are looking at a Apartment in the morning and my parents will be in town.

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Its Been a really busy week. Last weekend was fun, we all went out after work on friday and everyone got a bit drunk we were joined by two new 3D ops. Who came out from London to help out with some of the workload. We hung out untill 1:30, then decided to call it A night. Libby and I were on the 10 heading for home when we came across a car who hit the median. I stopped to check if everyone was ok. I was trying to get across trafic on foot and At this point people were still coming around a blind turn pretty fast. A couple cars almost lost control and I thought that if one car looses control they will definatly slam into my parked car. Just as I finished that thought a girl slammed into the already wrecked car. I was a mess. Pretty strange though, I never watched a car do that in real life. Anyway Libby had a bit much to drink and fell Ill. The next day we watched a movie and went out for Shabu Shabu. Sunday I was feeling a bit down. I guess everything cought up with me. Living in a small place and having a tight budget wears on you after a bit. Our paychecks did not go through on Friday because of the holiday in the UK so we needed to wait untill Today to get paid. The good news is we found a Apartment not far from where we are now. Its a one bedroom and its really nice. Its a bit over what we wanted to pay but its worth it. My parents are coming out this weekend so they are going to bring out my scooter for me. It will be great to have it again. Ok time to get back to work.


Its 8:06 we have one client left here so I fixed myself some dinner and im having some quiet time at my desk. Speaking of its about to become my old desk! My new Desk arrives on Saturday! I have been waiting since January. Got to meet Mark Romanek today. My fellow runner worked for him and then left to come work for the mill. I guess were doing some stuff for him. I go into detail but we are not really suposed to talk about that stuff. One of my new Favorite things is Zanku Chicken. Its Located close to home and Its amazing and afordable. We went there for a late dinner on Friday Night... Im almost finished watching The Prisoner, which I am sad about because the end is near. I just found out that the Series is being done again. Im not sure how I feel about that. I dont think you can capture that type of show today. I also Have the complete Twlight Zone in my Netflix account.. I want to see if i can watch them all before summer is over. Im sure there are many I have missed over the years.. We went to The KTP rally this weekend which was a really good time. They always do a great job. Libby and I were a bit sad we could not stay overnight. We both had to get home. We did get to go for Japanese BBQ on sunday Night with almost everyone from work.. I serously love that place...


Im really Bad at this... Alot has been going on latley and I havent had much time to post. Libby got the reception position here with me. We are both working together and Its been great. Work is picking up around here. We have been working on our showreel and its been keeping me busy. Were off this weekend to King Tut Putt in S.D. for the rally. And at the end of the month we need to make a quick trip out to AZ to move out of our old apartment. Im really excited to be going here in April http://www.firstboardsawards.com/main.asp and We all are going to http://www.nabshow.com/ Just when you thought ComicCon was just about as geek as you could get... Im excited to find a New Place to live.. My shoebox is not cutting it. I really hope i get to stay in my neighborhood. But prices seem a bit high..

Odd Night Out...

Well about 3pm I make it out of the house and Im heading out with my friend Andrew who moved to LA about a year ago from Phoenix. We set out to catch the 7:00 showing of Little Children. We first head out to Get some Korean BBQ and then head over to His work to finish some stuff before monday. We decide on catching the 10pm showing because we really dont feel like the drive from Studio City to Westwood. We head out to go to the theater and at some point on Sunset there is a Post Grammy party. His phone rings at that moment and hits his Bosses wife, His mom and Friend... They want to know if we want to try and come down for the party... Oddly enough we are infront of the very Building... We stop find parking and begin to feel very out of place. Could I have at least worn something a bit better.... They have lights, Red Carpet, Music, the works... We make our way inside to find ourselves at Ludacris party... Insane Stuff.. I have never been to anything like that. Its not my scene but it was really interesting to see how people act... It was alot of Hollywood crap, who do you know, what do you drive bla bla bla... We talked to David Faustino "Bud Bundy" for a bit. He to seemed a little out of place... I have to say the Highlight was these girls going what I thought looked like a pole dance on these white sheets that hung from above... It kept my attention.. It seemed like something Libby would be into... Busta Rymes was there and that man had one huge diamond infused watch... Anyway very surreal evening... I bet we were the only two in the place who were looking up and down the isles of Rite Aid for toothpaste Fifteen minutes earlier... Now thats Money!

The Whole media thing..

I know its a bit late but I talked to some friends back in Phoenix and they told me that my old station broke into programing about Anna Nicole. This is the reason I dont own a television. What makes her so special ? I can see if her life affected the nation as a whole or a local state but this is getting out of hand. Our news will not even report on Soldiers killed in war, our leaders are covered in coruption not by opinion but by facts. Our enviroment is facing assault by mankind and we choose to cover a persons death as if it were to have some outcome on my life! I really wish i would see some demand for change in this country. We are getting spoon fed garbage on a daily basis, and asking for more.

Really busy day, but in the end!

Woke up to a hetic day today.. I had a list of things to complete and We had clients coming in so a new list of things to do for them.. We got the results from the Super Bowl spots.. We had 11 spots air which tied last year. There were 3 that did not make the final cut. Check out the Los Angeles link http://www.the-mill.com/index.php Our CEO was in from London to take a look at how the set up of the office is going. We were all surprised with a invitation to dinner that night. Pretty damn fine meal! It was a steakhouse on the ocean and all 18 of us got to know everyone a bit better outside the chaos of the office. I wish Libby could have come. Everyone really wants to meet her and they were a bit sad that she could not make it out. Oh one other awesome thing. Phil is one of the Flame Ops. who I hope to learn under this year. We were talking about scooters and he asked if I know the Adidas ad. How can one not know the blend of Football, scooters and the Self Preservation Society!He worked on that ad wile in London, It was cool to pick his brain over the AD.


Ahhh I have the been so Happy the past couple weeks. Libby just came out to see me and spent some time here. It went by fast, but I knew it would. Im going back to Phoenix this weekend to pick up my computer and some stuff. My Apartment is small but comfrtable. My neighborhood is great, people walk around and interact. I have not lived in a place like it since Paris. My new job is going really well, Its a british owned company so there is all the tea you can drink. We are fed quite well both Breakfast and Lunch. I work with alot of great people, they have done some amazing work. Films, Music Videos, Commericals. Its really quite mpressive. Alot of stuff that I have seen and never knew was done at The Mill. Its pretty cool because eveyone is from someplace else. We have someone from Australia, The US, Iceland, Africa, and the UK. I am going to focus on learning to become a Flame Operator. Which is exciting and scary at the same time.. I borrowed The Prisoner from someone at work and I was able to hack my DVD player so its Region free... Im a happy man at the moment all I need is my gf and cat. All in good time....

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I got the job ! Im Off to Santa Monica.. I start Jan 2nd! and I could not be more ecstatic about here... After 2 years im going to be a part of www.themill.com! I will have to pack everything I own and find a place to live... Libby will meet me out there in about 2 months when our lease is up!

I will miss alot of good people here.. Many of which I just have met.... we need to have a going away event!

3 Business days..

I am at work talking with mat... My phone rings and I answer... "Hello this is... FROM THE MILL IN NYC... We recieved your Resume and Demo Reel and would like you to come out to LA for an Interview.. So next Wed. I will be off ! I cant wait... All I wanted was the chance to Interview and I got that! Im both nervous and Excited Beyond belief... Thanks to everyone for the kind words! Take a look at their reel here.. http://ny.beam.tv/beamreels/reel_player.php?VRCkzJxnWM