Nick (vespaskin) wrote,

Burritos this morning for Breakfast! Whoo! Its been a wile since I have had a proper update. The new job is going really well, The people are great and I have been really busy. Its funny but I never thought I would think 11 hours being a early night at work.. I have been in the Vault getting things adjusted as well as setting up the shipping since that all goes through me now... I have helped on a couple small jobs as so I hope it should be a very short time until I can be a full time Asst. Libby started her new job and has been in New York since last Sunday, tonight I will get her from the airport.. I finally got my 2002! I found one on craigslist and went to take a look. The seller took what I offered and it drove really well! Its off the road today getting a new starter but should be back by tonight or possibly monday.. This weekend is the Mods May Day Ride, and I will be spinning records at Posers on melrose for part of the ride... Im excited for Tom Waits new tour, Its funny that hes playing two Shows in Phoenix. Tickes are pretty steep at 100 bucks but I beats flying to Louisville again. I really hope libby will get to go this time... I really want her to see him live its kinda a rare chance to see him play and I hope she can get out of work. I hope to finish up my Glass Heroes Documentary this weekend, Its been too long.. But with work and all its hard to find the time for alot of things...


1970 BMW 2002

1970 BMW 2002

1970 BMW 2002

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