Nick (vespaskin) wrote,

Very Sad News

I got this news yesterday, on monday morning from Ragens Friend Matt. Its very sad and I really dont know how to feel quite yet..

Hi Everyone...

For those of you that havn't gotten the news yet... my sister passed away yesterday November 25th... at age 27
November 9th 1980 - November 25th 2007
She died of Brain Cancer in Sherman Hospice House
Myself, my parents and Clint were with her at the time of her death (just after 4am)

Clint I am sure would appreciate any of your help on passing the invite and info on to their mutual friends, or any of his.. as he is of course taking this very hard and might not be in the best place to get this out on his own...or at the very least...verbally. (as is the case with me)

We have been able to establish somethings today and I want to get the word out to all of her Friends.. some of which I only have MySpace information....please PASS THIS ON to anyone that it should get to as I cannot get to everyone fast enough. It is less than 2 weeks notice and during the holiday it is imporatant that everyone get this asap to make arrangments.

Date: Sunday December 9th 2007

Time: 12:00 pm - whenever...but about 3/4 pm

Place: Scottsdale Arizona
Renaissance Scottsdale Resort
6160 North Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85253 USA
Phone: 1-480-991-1414
Sales: 1-480-991-1414 ext. 738
Toll-free: 1-800-309-8138
It's basically right next to Dolce in Scottsdale.. at the Scottsdale Borgata... just south of Lincoln on Scottsdale Rd.

Dress: "Cute" whatever you want...not too casual ...but not funerally...but whatever you feel is appropraite for Ragen's Memorial.

Info: I will be Hosting/MCing Ragen's Memorial.. complete with (ambitious goal) picture slide show and video montage.... as well as for and speaking.

Info on Speaking: If you would like to say ANYTHING...anything at all... a simple memory or just a thought.. up to an oranized speech...I would love that, just if you can, let me know.. so I kinda sorta know the timeing I have to layout. I will do organized speakers for those who tell me ahead of time, and I will also open it up to ANYONE who desides they'd like to say something...but letting me know ahead would really help ME.

Info on sending anything...what to do: I would encourage anyone to spend any money they might on flowers and instead donate to LIVESTRONG - Ragen's favorite Charity... but you are welcome to do what you would like.
If you are flying or driving in.. I know this is an expense and for you to be there would be the ideal choice rather than anything else or additional monetarily. Or if you smoke...please stop!

Info on who to invite: Please help me pass this on to Ragen's friends and anyone who would appreciate being there to celebrate her life. It is open...although I would LOVE RSVP's so I have an IDEA of how many to make sure I have enough Your Family or Friends who would also be there...please count them. If you add people too short of notice or the day of..that is FINE.. please do so. JUST GIVE ME WHAT YOU THINK... UP TILL I'd SAY..... THE FRIDAY case its more than I've estimated and given to the hotel.

RSVP: Brandi -
any ?'s ....same.....


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