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The past weekend has been a huge pain in the ass, Everything seems to cost more then what I have. My car was towed, our pets got sick, suprise bills, you name it. Just feels like this is not working out... I have been out of college almost 9 years and I make $12 an hour. Its not even a living wage in Los Angeles. Feels like a huge insult in a way. Its not that I want to be rich but after 10 months im really sinking into debt. Libby is in the same state of affairs.We both would like to put money away for a wedding, and I have no available money for my 401k. We cant afford to leave the house for any type of vacation we were planning on going to SF but we only get paid for a 8 hour day for vacation time not the 50+ week we work so we loose almost $200 per person when we take off. I kinda feel like taking this job was a big mistake, Granted I knew things were going to be like this when I came out here but there is only so much you can take. Just feels like I work non-stop just so I can live, with no reward for my efforts.

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