Nick (vespaskin) wrote,

A bit of a Question for the soulies

I have been doing most of my blog postings on myspace latley, Just been a bit lazy i guess... I went back east for a week and became a godfather, and im italian. Ha! Wile I was back east my aunt told me she had something for me. She had 2 large boxes in her apt. and told me they were for me. They Looked pretty old and were heavy. Turns out her ex husband died a year ago. I never met him and they were divorced in 1975. Turns out he was a drummer and collected records, and he knew that I was into music and left them to me. I opened up the boxes to find some Stones and Beatles 45s. After 10 records I begin to pull out Volt, Motown, Stax, and a ton of others. I was in heaven. There are alot of records I dident know too much about... This record by Othello Robertson is one that i love. I dont know too much on it perhaps someone my have a manship guide?

othello robertson
title: So In Love
label: baby luv

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