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Its 8:06 we have one client left here so I fixed myself some dinner and im having some quiet time at my desk. Speaking of its about to become my old desk! My new Desk arrives on Saturday! I have been waiting since January. Got to meet Mark Romanek today. My fellow runner worked for him and then left to come work for the mill. I guess were doing some stuff for him. I go into detail but we are not really suposed to talk about that stuff. One of my new Favorite things is Zanku Chicken. Its Located close to home and Its amazing and afordable. We went there for a late dinner on Friday Night... Im almost finished watching The Prisoner, which I am sad about because the end is near. I just found out that the Series is being done again. Im not sure how I feel about that. I dont think you can capture that type of show today. I also Have the complete Twlight Zone in my Netflix account.. I want to see if i can watch them all before summer is over. Im sure there are many I have missed over the years.. We went to The KTP rally this weekend which was a really good time. They always do a great job. Libby and I were a bit sad we could not stay overnight. We both had to get home. We did get to go for Japanese BBQ on sunday Night with almost everyone from work.. I serously love that place...

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    Wow Its been about 3.5 Years since i have been on here.. Who is still on here ?

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